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FUN Summer Homeschooling Ideas

Do you homeschool and/or supplement your child's education in the summer? Here are some ideas for fun learning explorations over the summer!

Many families find that it works well to homeschool year-round. That has worked great for us, too (especially since implementing Leadership Education into our homeschool, such that my kids want to keep doing school all year).

I like to make things more relaxed by shifting our homeschool focus in the summer months. This gives me a chance to ease up a little on trying to "do-it-all" and allows us to move into the next school-year eager and ready for new explorations. I typically drop our science and history studies in the summer to focus on some of the areas below.

Scroll down to see ideas for bringing fun and adventure into your summer learning time. I'd recommend that you just pick one or two of these to try out, rather than getting stressed about trying to do too much. 🙃

  • Outdoor Adventures

  • Focus on the Arts

  • Cultural Explorations

Outdoor Adventures


  • Explore and hike in local ecosystems including mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, beach, volcanoes, etc

  • You can make this even more meaningful by reading aloud books about different ecosystems before you head out to explore; go here for a list of 50+ books about different ecosystems:

Swimming Proficiency

  • Visit local pools, rivers, lakes, or the ocean to developing swimming proficiency

  • Reading books about water ecosystems could help expand the learning into other areas

Vegetable Gardening

Summer Fruits


Critter explorations

Focus on the Arts

Classical Music

Art and Artists


  • Explore Shakespeare's plays through picture books, story books, movies, and videos

  • Shakespeare's comedies (such as Midsummer Night's Dream and The Tempest) are probably the best way to start out; beware that Shakespeare's Tragedies are probably too heavy and dark for most young kids

  • Resources include Tales from Shakespeare by Lamb, Tales From Shakespeare Graphic Novel by Marcia Williams, Shakespeare Retold by Edith Nesbit, and adaptations of Shakespeare by Bruce Coville

  • After you've read some children's adaptations, the on-stage recordings of Shakespeare plays from Rice University are generally good and relatively kid-friendly

Cultural Explorations

World Geography and Culture

Tuttle Twins Books

  • Read the 12 Tuttle Twins books, which dig deep into freedom, liberty, economics, finances and government

  • Take time to discuss each book in-depth

Foreign Language Focus

I hope these ideas inspire you to have some fun with learning this summer! Do you homeschool year-round? What do you differently in the summer months? What works best for your family?

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