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Basic recipes and methods, ways to tailor this method for different hair types, what to expect during the transition period and afterwards,optional add-ins, and FAQs about how to use this method effectively!

Skin is not an impenetrable barrier. Chemicals in contact with your skin can be absorbed into your body. Take a quick look at the ingredients in a bottle of lotion or body wash, and you'll likely find a very long list of synthetic chemicals [...]

Many lotions are downright unhealthy. Our very low humidity and wide range of temperatures can lead to very dry skin.  I used to apply lotion to my whole body daily, but over time I have figured out a few ways to reduce the need for lotion.

Most storebought face moisturizers contain ingredients that can cause health problems. Organic face moisturizers generally contain better ingredients, but they tend to be very expensive.  Instead, I use this One Ingredient Face Moisturizer [...]

This healthy, easy recipe for homemade hard lotion and lip balm is made from coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax.

The two most-often-indicated homeopathic remedies for sunburns: these remedies will take away the pain and prompt the body to heal the sunburned areas much more quickly than if left untreated [...]

Two homeopathic remedies excel at taking away the itch: Apis mellifica and Ledum palustre. My family uses these two mosquito remedies almost daily at this time of year [...]

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