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Our routine give us a predictable rhythm, with plenty of time for work, learning, play, and rest. My kids are currently 13yo and 10yo, and our general daily routine for the last few years has looked like this [...]

If I could recommend just one daily routine for families, it would be Quiet Time. It teaches children self-sufficiency and gives parents a daily opportunity to recharge and have a short break from the often-incessant demands of parenthood​ [...]

Chores are an integral part of my homeschooling and parenting philosophy.  Over the last few years, I have endeavored to teach my children to do more chores and make them a part of our daily lives. Through chores, my children learn [...]

Having routines for homeschooling and housework helps our lives run more smoothly.  Most of our weekdays follow a routine which is fairly predictable.  Using a routine helps ensure that my kids have minimal resistance to doing housework, because [...]

I used to spend a lot of time and energy micro-managing my kids to keep them on-task and stop them from playing when they were supposed to be working. A few years ago, I came up with a system that has given me the freedom to retire from my role of micromanager  [...]

Reading aloud to my children is an essential part of my parenting and homeschooling. Here are 10 tips for making read-aloud time successful.

I purposely use chores to teach my kids how to work hard and have good work ethic. Chores also ensure that the household workload is spread more evenly so that I'm not stressed out. Here is a current list of the chores being done by my 8-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter​ [...]

Two consecutive days from our homeschool life: Day 1 was a near-perfect homeschooling day, but Day 2 was not quite as smooth [...]

Once my first baby was born, keeping our house clean started to feel a bit overwhelming. This only increased once I had a second child and started homeschooling in earnest. A few things kept falling through the cracks, and I always felt like I was running behind [...]

Plan ahead for successful cleaning days. ​Make a list of all the cleaning tasks you want to accomplish on Cleaning Day. This list should include all of the tasks you find to be most important. This list should NOT include [...]

Snacking between meals was resulting in my kids not eating well at mealtimes. A few years ago, I came up with a new snacking plan based around two rules [...]

Numerous studies have shown that naps have significant benefits, including increased productivity, motor skills, and mood... For me, taking a daily nap provides a brief respite for my busy, always-on-the-go self [...]

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