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Homeschooling 101: Curriculum is Less Important Than You Think

Homeschoolers often think that if they can just find the *right* curriculum, their homeschooling woes will go away. I had this misunderstanding, too, in the early years of our homeschool.

Over time and painful experience, though, I learned that the homeschool environment is more important than the curriculum for long term success, joy, and sustainability.

Here's a video for you that talks about this in more-depth. This 23-minute video covers:

  • Curriculum is less important than you think

  • Confessions of a Type A homeschool mom

  • How to focus on the environment instead of curriculum

    • Prioritize relationships over schooling

    • Give your kids a love of learning

    • Support your child's inner genius

  • Aim for self-directed education in teen years

  • Curriculum needs change over time

  • Recommended books for learning more

I hope this video helps you find a good balance for your homeschool. Let me know if there are specific homeschool topics that you'd like me to discuss in future videos.

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