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Earth Science Unit Study

You can have fun learning about earth science with your kids! My kids and I have completed two units on Earth Science (as part of our 4-year science cycle), once when my kids were 9- and 12-years old, and again when my kids were 13- and 16-years old. Our Earth Science unit studies have focused on read-alouds, free online playlists, and simple projects/field trips.

In this post, I will detail all of the resources and books we've used, to make it easy for you to have your own earth science unit study, too! This unit study can be broken into two main segments:

  • Months 1 and 2 - Geology, Rocks, Crystals, and Gems

  • Months 3 and 4 - Ecosystems, Ecology, and Weather

About the Resources

We've read and enjoyed all of the books listed here. I have included age codes to make it clear for which ages each book will be best suited. The age codes are: C = Children 4-9; Y = Youth 9-12; YA = Young Adults 12-15; A = Adults and the Later Teen Years (16-18).

Whenever possible, I tried to include biographies of earth scientists or enthusiasts in our studies, as these really help science come alive within the context of real people's lives. I also find it highly valuable to read my own books about whatever we're studying in science; that gives me fresh inspiration to share with my kids, helps me pursue my own education, and shows my kids that education is a lifelong journey.

The field trip and project suggestions are intended to give you some hands-on ideas for making the Earth Science unit even more engaging. With Earth Science, it is fairly easy to incorporate simple projects and field trips, but don't feel like you have to do it all. We didn't do all of the projects and field trips I've listed here, but they are listed as a jumping off point for you to find what is possible given your location and situation.

Months 1 and 2 - Geology, Rocks, Crystals, and Gems


Free Online Earth Science Playlist


Field Trip Ideas

Month 3 and 4 - Ecosystems, Ecology, and Weather


NOTE: There are a LOT of books listed here, because I've included all the books relating to ecosystems and weather that I could remember that we've ever liked! PLEASE don't stress or feel the need to read them all!

Ecology, Rivers and Wetlands, Water Cycle

Seaside, Ocean

Deserts, Mountains

Forests, Rainforests

Prairies, Wind

Snow, Antarctic

Earthquakes, Volcanoes


Field Trip Ideas

  • Visit/hike in different ecosystems, such as wetlands, deserts, forests, mountains, etc

  • Nature study in your own local ecosystem

Putting It All Together

This earth science unit study can easily take a semester or longer to complete. The most important thing is to keep it light and fun, rather than turning it into an "assignment" for the kids. Allow your children to participate as much or as little as they choose, and focus on building your own enthusiasm which you can share with your kids.

Relax and take as long as you need to complete the unit study. If one particular topic/person/place captures your child's interest, pause there and linger for awhile, digging as deep as your child's interests reach. Be open to finding other ways to include your children's own unique interests into the unit study, such as through art projects, lego creations, or music.

Have fun learning about Earth Science together!

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