Throw away the worksheets and busywork; instead embrace Life Schooling and have fun learning together! Here are 40 ideas for exploration alongside your kids[...]

Math is one subject that makes many homeschoolers feel anxious. But if we can take a step back, and be willing to look beyond grade-levels, we can find the bigger picture. What do we really want for our kids with regards to math?

I focus on three specific approaches for teaching math: games, read-alouds, and everyday math. These three approaches form the cornerstone of our homeschool math curriculum. My children love them all, and that means that they love their math studies[...]

There is actually a very wide developmental age for learning to read. Some kids naturally learn to read at very young ages, but it is totally natural that some kids do not read until later, even until as late as 12 to 14 years old. When a child naturally has a developmental reading age that is older [...]

Here are recommended resources for a semester-long Astronomy unit study, including field trips, picture books, biographies, and 2 FREE project printables!

In studying ancient history with my children, I sought to give them a sense of the culture and people in the ancient world. I incorporated mythology, folk tales, math, science, art, and food into our year in the ancient world [...]

A read-aloud based unit study of the Middle Ages, including a link to a 150+ book list for all ages!

Have fun learning about Earth Science with read-alouds and simple projects! 

Inspiration for a read-aloud based homeschool world trip focusing on culture, geography, music, art, and food from around the world! Makes a great summer project!

My own mechanical engineering degree and 10-year-career as an aerospace engineer relied highly on math.  But here is where the other shoe drops: I think that trying to homeschool math to elementary grade standards is pointless and can even be detrimental [...]

Writing was one of the subjects that I pushed too hard on, back in the early years of homeschooling... After being required to do writing practice at least 3 times per week throughout homeschool kindergarten and first grade, she had grown to dislike writing [...]

Ideas for creating a more-relaxed-yet-fun atmosphere while homeschooling over the summer. 

Monopoly is a powerful teaching tool for math, finances, character, charity, and more! [...]

Here are 26 books to introduce kids to the different systems and organs of the human body. 

Rather than focusing on memorization of state names and capitals, I sought to give us all a small sense of the culture in each region of the USA. To make our United States unit study more holistic, I decided to incorporate the following for each region: geography, history, Native American studies [...]

I customize their experience with Life of Fred so that it works for both of them at the same time even though they are 3 years apart. [...]

Picture books are an engaging, unpressured way to share the joy of math with my children. I don't want these books to feel like "assignments," so I purposely do NOT emphasize that these are math books. Instead, we just read and enjoy the books together[...]

Nature Study allows my children to focus their hearts and minds on the beautiful cycles that flow through our outdoor world. When they connect with nature, there is serenity, wonder, and joy [...]

Instead of being stuck indoors behind desks, here are lots of ideas for Springtime exploration [...]

Circle Time combines music, poetry, and movement. It gives us a regular time to sing, giggle, and play together. My children and I have Circle Time once a week in our living room [...]


I feel that there is an intrinsic value in knowing how to produce our own food, and in observing the cycles of growth and decay in our own back yard. I want my children to know where their food comes from, and to learn the skills for producing their own food as they grow up. The next logical step was for us to get chickens [...]

For the last few years, each December we've had a special month in our homeschool. I let a few things drop off my homeschool mental to-do list, and instead we shift our focus to holiday-related activities. Our curriculum focus for December typically includes the following: family music recital, advent crafts, family reading of A Christmas Carol, [...]

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