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The predominant feelings about birth in our culture are negative, and women have generally bought into the idea that labor and delivery are medical occurrences that need a doctor’s attendance [...]

There are lots of tips out there for ensuring an adequate supply of breastmilk: drinking dark beer, eating oatmeal, taking herbal concoctions.  Sure, these may help, but there is one thing that is the most important to ensure an adequate supply of breastmilk [...]

Plugged ducts, sore breasts, and a fever - OUCH! Thankfully, when mastitis strikes, homeopathy is here to help! 

There are several homeopathic remedies that are known to help when babies have digestive colic. These remedies can help correct the issue so that the baby is able to have problem-free digestion [...]

There are several homeopathic remedies that are known to help when the mother has problems with her milk supply, whether with oversupply, undersupply, or poor quality. [...]

There are risks associated with the use of any drugs to augment labor (such as pitocin which is used to speed up labor, or epidurals which are used to numb the mother to pain), and it is known that babies exposed to drugs during delivery will be affected by those drugs [...]

Bonding between the newborn and mother may be disrupted in hospitals since, in many hospitals, babies are separated from their mothers for at least part of the time. The baby may be whisked away to be cleaned and weighed immediately after delivery, taken away from the mother for vaccinations [...]

Here is my story that shows the power of a nourishing, traditional diet during pregnancy. When I got pregnant during the summer of 2006 [...]

In 1940, 44% of all births in the United States occurred at home. However, since 1969, about 99% of all births in the United States have occurred in hospitals [1]. This means that the last few generations of women in the United States have had very little exposure to home birth [...]

Most people in our society have no idea that home birth is a safe option, and they certainly don’t think labor is something we are designed to handle naturally, without interventions or drugs. As an avid researcher [...]

Long before I had children, I had lots of ideas that later turned out to be false. Regarding breastfeeding, I remember saying something along the lines that, "If they are old enough to ask for it, they are too old to be breastfeeding!" [...]

Women have easier labors and births when they move about and assume upright positions. There is more than sufficient evidence that upright birth positions – kneeling, sitting, standing, and squatting – are more advantageous to both mother and child [...]

Since the cervix and vagina are sphincters, they do not respond to orders (such as someone telling a mother to push), they work best “in an atmosphere of familiarity and privacy”, they “may suddenly close when their owner is startled or frightened” [...]

When a mother gives birth in the hospital, it can be traumatic for the siblings. Young children are typically not allowed to be present during labor and delivery. Additionally, the siblings are separated from their mother during the hospital stay [...]

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