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Parents spend hours and hours searching for the right curriculum, doing "school" with their kids, and finding the right classes for the kids to attend. But on a weekly basis, how much do we focus on our own educations?

It's hard for parents to foster a love of reading in kids if the parents themselves don't read much. I make sure I'm leading out by pursuing my own education alongside my kids. Check out my reading list for 2019, including the Top 10 books!

How can we parents pursue our own educations amidst our already-busy lives?

These are resources that I have found to be valuable in pursuing my own education.

These are the best of all the books I've read on education and homeschooling.

By focusing more on understanding each of the different types of children, The Child Whisperer lays a strong foundation that can be used for parenting children who are very different from each other [...]

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