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Too often, we parents start out homeschooling by trying to re-create school at home, with too much structure, too much focus on curriculum, and too much trying to cram knowledge into our kids' brains. This post will give you the resources for creating a sustainable homeschool that will bring joy back into your homeschool.

Alina was becoming increasingly resistant to writing, despite the fact that she had loved practicing writing back before we'd officially started homeschooling. But wasn't the purpose of schooling my daughter having her master her academics as young as possible? [...]

As parents, we want so badly to get it "right". Homeschooling parents spend hours and hours searching for the right curriculum, doing "school" with their kids, and finding the right classes for the kids to attend. But on a weekly, or even a daily basis, how much do we focus on our own educations?

During the childhood and early teen years, there are three important phases of learning. When the phases of learning are respected and purposefully developed, they are [...]

Core Phase is the foundation upon which all the other phases are built. In Core Phase, the "curriculum" is essentially the development of good character. This is accomplished through [...]

The academic pursuits in Love of Learning Phase are based largely on the child's own interests, and the parents' task is to inspire the child to want to learn rather than trying to force learning upon the child.[...]

Computers, internet, iPads, TV's, video games, smart phones: in this digital age, we are immersed in technology. Over time, my family has evolved from watching TV every night and playing frequent video games as a young married couple to now making limited use of these devices in our family hours [...]

These are my favorite books about children's education and homeschooling. These books are not just for homeschoolers, as they would be fantastic resources for parents of children who are not homeschooled as well.

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