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Fruit trees are one of the easiest ways to grow our own food. Few foods can rival fruit that is fresh-picked from a tree.With very little maintenance, fruit trees will grow and thrive, producing more and more food each year [...]

If you are just getting into gardening, you may as well start with the easiest plants! The easiest plants keep coming back year after year with no additional effort, produce plenty to harvest, and don't require any special fertilizers or other special treatment [...]

I feel that there is an intrinsic value in knowing how to produce our own food, and in observing the cycles of growth and decay in our own back yard. I want my children to know where their food comes from, and to learn the skills for producing their own food as they grow up. The next logical step was for us to get chickens[...]

Chicken tragedy struck while we were away from home on a field trip [...]

Instead of being stuck indoors behind desks, we're spending lots of time observing Spring, planting vegetables, fruits, and flowers, preparing for our summer garden, creating a shady pond, and raising chicks [...]

This will be my family's 9th year of vegetable gardening, and in that time we have learned many lessons on what makes gardening successful here. Every location has its own unique challenges, yet there are some basics that every garden needs, including good soil, the right amount of water, and plenty of sunshine [...[

Growing herbs is a great way to start growing your own food.  Herbs don't take up much space, and they are wonderfully versatile.  Herbs can be grown in a traditional garden, but they can also be grown in pots or even on a sunny windowsill[...]

Preserve the harvest: pumpkin puree is easy to make. Just bake whole, scoop, and process! [...]

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