My daughter had COVID19 in July 2020. Here's the low-down on her very effective homeopathic treatment, which led to a quick and full recovery.

History has shown that homeopathy is effective at treating epidemic diseases. Here are remedies that can help with Coronavirus itself, as well as the fear and anxiety that is widespread right now.

Gelsemium is my go-to remedy whenever my kids get the flu, and has worked well for many of my homeopathic clients, too.  [...]

Jet lag, motion sickness, intestinal illness, homesickness, insect bites: traveling can present its own unique health challenges, but homeopathy can help!

When taken early enough, these 5 remedies can quickly stop an illness from worsening and, in many cases, completely cure the illness within a short time period [...]

Aconite is one of the most-commonly used remedies for acute situations, and deserves a place in every first-aid kit [...]

Two homeopathic remedies excel at taking away the itch: Apis mellifica and Ledum palustre. My family uses these two mosquito remedies almost daily at this time of year [...]

If I could have have just one homeopathic remedy on-hand for acute emotional stresses, it would be Ignatia amara [...]

There is one well-known homeopathic remedy that is of immense help to mothers. It can help those bad days feel less dire and dramatic, and make them happen less often. Homeopathic Sepia to the rescue [...]

My husband's health was progressing well for several years, but something went wrong in 2018. Here's what's been happening and our comprehensive plan for his recovery. 

My husband's Hashimoto's diagnosis, and how we're treating it with diet, lifestyle changes, and homeopathy.

Night after night, Marley's panic attacks became more and more disruptive, and we were even starting to worry that we might not be able to keep Marley, because every night he was preventing us from being able to sleep [...]

Whether we are going to the library, hiking, or at a homeschool park day, I like to bring along a small kit of homeopathic remedies and first-aid items. Although my first-aid kit is used only infrequently, it is invaluable when it is needed [...]

The two most-often-indicated homeopathic remedies for sunburns: these remedies will take away the pain and prompt the body to heal the sunburned areas much more quickly than if left untreated.

There are several homeopathic remedies that are known to help when babies have digestive colic. These remedies can help correct the issue so that the baby is able to have problem-free digestion [...]

Plugged ducts, sore breasts, and a fever - OUCH! Thankfully, when mastitis strikes, homeopathy is here to help! 

Arnica montana is among the most well-known of homeopathic remedies, as it is used frequently for first-aid of bumps and bruises. Arnica also has many other uses, including treatment for concussions, pre- and post-surgery, sore muscles, and labor and delivery.[...]

Arnica is the first-aid remedy that gets used most often in our household. While we can easily go weeks without needing any at all, there are also weeks like last week when every member of our household benefited from the amazing healing properties of homeopathic Arnica [...]

There are several homeopathic remedies that are known to help when the mother has problems with her milk supply, whether with oversupply, undersupply, or poor quality. [...]

For parents who choose to vaccinate, or for people who are compelled to vaccinate by law, I wanted to share information about how homeopathy can be used to treat vaccine reactions [...]

For the last 2-3 months, Stephen had been severely constipated, only having a bowel movement once a week, and doing so with much straining, screaming, and even some blood. Melanie had tried everything she could think of: doctors, chiropractic treatments, and dietary changes.  But Stephen's constipation persisted despite all of these efforts [...]

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