We've all been living with varying degrees of fear and anxiety over the last few months. Lately, though, I'm finding a more-balanced view of the COVID19 risks, and wanted to share additional information that might give you some peace of mind as well.

If I could have have just one homeopathic remedy on-hand for acute emotional stresses, it would be Ignatia amara [...]

Ever have one of those days when life just feels harder than usual? When tempers are running high, and children are melting down, and the household feels like it is stuck in a negative rut? I have those days, too. Here are some cures that I have found to be effective at turning bad days around.

Night after night, Marley's panic attacks became more and more disruptive, and we were even starting to worry that we might not be able to keep Marley, because every night he was preventing us from being able to sleep [...] [...]

There is one well-known homeopathic remedy that is of immense help to mothers. It can help those bad days feel less dire and dramatic, and make them happen less often. Homeopathic Sepia to the rescue [...]

By focusing more on understanding each of the different types of children, The Child Whisperer lays a strong foundation that can be used for parenting children who are very different from each other [...]

If I could recommend just one daily routine for families, it would be Quiet Time. It teaches children self-sufficiency and gives parents a daily opportunity to recharge and have a short break from the often-incessant demands of parenthood​ [...]

From adolescence onwards, I was never quite satisfied with my body and appearance. As I moved on into adulthood, I could still always find plenty to be dissatisfied about in my appearance [...]

It would be a rarity for a girl to grow up in this culture and feel completely content with her own appearance. Having grown up with my own insecurities about my appearance, I want things to be different for my daughter [...]

Often, I'd end up buying clothes that fit fine, but that I seldom wore. I felt that finding the right clothes was hard, and that some styles that I admired on others never felt quite right on me. But I didn't know why. Could it be possible that the reason I never liked fashion was because I was going about it all wrong?

As parents, it is natural for us to want our children to have everything they need.  Beyond the basics of love, food, clothing, and shelter, we also try to provide our kids with plenty of books, toys, and games.  But can there be too much of a good thing?

Computers, internet, iPads, TV's, video games, smart phones: in this digital age, we are immersed in technology. Yet, technology can hijack our moods and schooling [...]

With the skills and understanding I gained from this book, there has been an obvious positive shift in our family dynamics and the contentedness of our day-to-day lives. By clearly defining my expectations and the consequences for my children's behaviors, they have been able to learn that it is their own choices which determine how their lives will be [...]

Numerous studies have shown that naps have significant benefits, including increased productivity, motor skills, and mood... For me, taking a daily nap provides a brief respite for my busy, always-on-the-go self [...]

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