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A Modern History Resource for Homeschoolers

Are you ready to explore modern history with your kids? I've put together a new resource for you! It's a book list and timeline resource for 1850-2001.

Rather than focusing on memorization of names and dates, history studies can be much more engaging when they focus on the lives of people, the architectural marvels that arose, and the scientific advancements that powered the world. From the gold rush to the Civil War, the Great Depression to World War II, and the Civil Rights Movement to the Space Shuttle, this resource is a multi-sensory experience in learning history.

Book List

The booklist is filled with over 200 book recommendations, organized by age-level for elementary age, middle-school, high school, and adults. It includes biographies, stories, folk tales, scientific advancements, and architectural achievements.

Timeline Resource

I’ve seen over and over again that having visual references greatly enhances learning. When children repeatedly see specific images or words, those things really sink into their memory.

The Timeline Resource provides a way to increase retention of history in a natural and fun way. It includes over 80 figures of historical people, places, inventions, and events. If you place the timeline in a location where it will be often seen, it can greatly increase learning retention naturally.

Introductory Price

I always price my homeschool resources inexpensively, so that more people can make the most of them. So the Modern History Book List and Timeline Resource is priced at only $5.99. Right now, as an introductory price, it is on sale for only $4.99.

This book list and timeline resource is perfect for homeschoolers, parents who want to supplement their child's education in an engaging and fun way, and educators who want to take their lessons on modern history beyond memorization of dates and names. I hope this resource helps make your homeschool planning easier and less stressful.

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