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My 2019 Reading List

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

It's hard for parents to foster a love of reading in kids if the parents themselves don't read much. One of the cornerstones of our inspiration-driven homeschool environment is making sure that I am leading out by pursuing my own education alongside my kids. I've seen that this really works: the more my kids see me reading, writing, and even doing math, the more they naturally want to do the same.

And you know what else? Pursuing my own education is really fulfilling! It helps me be more balanced and happy to be regularly learning new things and thinking deeply. It can be difficult to prioritize my own education amidst my busy homeschooling-and-part-time-working life, but it is totally worth it.

I make sure I've always got a few books going, so that there is always at least one book I'll want to read whenever I can carve out a little time. I usually have a mix of different types of books ready to read: a novel, a history/science book, a spiritual/self-help book, and a homeopathic/health book. Although I don't have hours to devote to my own education every day, if I keep working at it little by little, I can usually read about one book each week. (And if you want more info about *how* I actually pursue my own education as a busy parent, check out this article.)

Top 10+ Books I Read in 2019

These are the top 10+ books I read last year. These books left a lasting impression, enlightened my perspective, and left me feeling inspired.

Complete Reading List for 2019

Here is a breakdown of all the books I read in 2019. Books marked with an asterisk (*) were read for bookclub or as part of my Mentoring in the Classics subscription. Some of the classic books were "read" via free audiobook from Librivox.

History and Science

I make sure to read a few books that complement the history and science lessons we're doing in our homeschool every year. This gives me a lot more enthusiasm and knowledge to share with my kids. In 2019, our history studies focused on the Middle Ages through the Revolutionary War, and our science studies focused on Earth Science. Historical fiction and biographies of scientists are great to incorporate into my learning, as they make the events in history/science have more meaning when seen within the context of people's lives.

Classics, Novels, and Memoirs

Classics, novels, and the stories of people's lives provide much to think about in terms of continuing my own character development. Through reading about the trials and tribulations of others, I enrich my own life and way of living.

Spiritual, Self-Help, and Liberty Books

Books about spirituality, self-help, and liberty provide me with ongoing inspiration and knowledge for living a purpose-filled life.

Homeopathy and Health Books

As a homeopath and health consultant, I am passionate about health (obviously). Reading a steady supply of homeopathy/health books feeds my passion and mission for healing families.

Math and Writing Books

I try to make sure I periodically work my way through math and writing books, to refresh my memory and also to demonstrate to my kids that learning is a lifelong endeavor.

What were your favorite reads from 2019?

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