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100+ Classic Books for Young Children

Updated: Mar 3

Here are classic books I feel should never be neglected in a young child’s reading repertoire.

Though I don’t have the space to mention them all, these were the stuff of our children’s early homeschool reading aloud experience. They are all still around and available today because they strike a chord in all who read them – parent and child alike.

[I share this post from Jacqueline, who homeschooled her three children and now blogs at Deep Roots at Home (with her permission). I'm happy to share this list with you because books are one of the best ways to teach kids about living with integrity, responsibility, joyfulness, and contentedness. Jacqueline's original list contained 75+ books, and I've added another 30+ books here and also marked my family's particular favorites with a ***.]

“A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.”~C.S. Lewis

Books set an enriching foundation in the heart and mind of children. These books will be best for kids up to about 10 years old (although many are also great for older children). In my opinion, reading aloud should continue even after a child has mastered reading on his or her own and beyond.

Parents – be honest – you’ve only got so much time for reading aloud with your children! The last thing you want to do is choose a dud. If you are new to this, I hope this reading list makes the choosing easier and provides many delightful reading hours for you and your child! Enjoy!

100+ Classic Books for Young Children