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CDC’s Guidance Change is Long Overdue and Much Damage Has Occurred in the Meantime

This article originally appeared in the New Mexico Sun newspaper.

The CDC recently changed their COVID-19 guidance with an update that the unvaccinated should no longer be treated differently than the vaccinated.

This CDC guidance change is long overdue. The CDC had evidence over a year ago that COVID-19 vaccines would not prevent either catching or transmitting the illness.

For instance, in August 2021, the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report included information about a 469 case “breakthrough” transmission event in Massachusetts at which 74% of the infections “occurred in fully vaccinated people.”

The CDC narrative that there was a "pandemic of the unvaccinated" was a lie from the start.

A close look at the clinical trials reveals that the mRNA vaccines were never designed to prevent a person from catching COVID-19. The measures for efficacy in the clinical trials were the likelihood of severe illness and fatality, not the likelihood of whether vaccinated people would actually contract the illness. It has also been known for over a year that vaccinated people have viral loads as high as unvaccinated people, meaning that vaccinated people can easily spread the virus.

The CDC’s failure to update their guidance in a timely manner has come at a large cost. In the meantime, millions of people were mandated to take the vaccines even though there were known risks of heart inflammation and blood clots as well as unknown long-term health risks.

Even now, these vaccines are considered experimental because their clinical trials are not completed. The FDA’s own press release for approval of the Pfizer vaccine says, “Information is not yet available about potential long-term health outcomes.” There are now concerning signals that these vaccines may lead to immune system dysfunction, increased rates of cancer, and fertility problems in both men and women.

Nationwide, thousands of people have been harmed by the CDC's delay in updating its guidance. People have lost their careers for choosing not to take these experimental drugs. People have been barred from participating in public life based on their vaccination status. People who have taken the vaccine under threat have suffered irreparable health consequences and even death, such as the 37-year-old previously-healthy mother in Washington who died of vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia after she was mandated to receive the shot in order to participate at her daughter’s school.

Here in New Mexico, Governor Lujan Grisham mandated that healthcare workers, teachers, and first-responders receive COVID19 vaccines and booster shots. Unvaccinated workers have faced harassment and hostile work environments, and some have even lost their livelihoods. Unvaccinated NM children have been denied equal access to education by being forced to undergo multiple “close-contact” quarantines throughout the school year, leading some children to miss over a month of in-person instruction and fall behind in school. Unvaccinated college students have been denied access to education as many NM universities have mandated COVID-19 shots. Unvaccinated NM citizens have been denied access to state government proceedings. And unvaccinated New Mexicans have also been denied access to medical care.

COVID-19 vaccine mandates never should have been allowed and perpetrated by our government. Discrimination on the basis of medical status has been widespread and normalized to where many people do not even notice it. The CDC is complicit in the damage that has been done.

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1 Comment

Thank you Sarah for this article. I wholeheartedly agree. Thank you for your courage to write this. It is so strange to me that so many goodhearted people do not seem to recognize how discriminatory and wrong these mandates are.

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