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Photographic Evidence That Homeopathy Works

One of the things I often hear about homeopathy is that it can't possibly work.  People say that because the remedies are so diluted, there is no way they could actually have an effect.  Often, people will say that any positive changes must just be the placebo effect (whereby the mere act of thinking that a treatment will work makes the person get better even when they are just given a sugar pill). I'm excited to share with you some evidence that homeopathy works.

These photos are of a 1-year-old, who I will call Daniel*.  Because he is so young, it is not possible that the placebo effect caused the changes shown in the pictures. I first evaluated Daniel homeopathically when he was 17 months old.  At that time, one of the symptoms his mother noted was that Daniel had numerous small growths in his right underarm which appeared to be Molluscum contagiosum.  These growths started to appear at 6 months of age and had continued to multiply over time.

In classical homeopathy, the totality of a person's symptoms are used to select a remedy that best matches ALL of the symptoms.  For Daniel, his complete symptom picture included:

  • frequent colds

  • a demanding yet playful nature

  • being very attached to his mother and afraid to be alone

  • poor appetite for foods along with voracious nursing

  • desire to be carried

  • underarm growths

  • right-sided complaints

  • physical appearance including a thin physique with a head that seemed a bit large for his frame

I selected the remedy Lycopodium clavatum for Daniel because it matched the totality of his symptom

picture. Within a couple weeks of starting to take the remedy, Daniel's mother noticed that the growths under his arms seemed to become inflamed (at which point she decided to take a picture of the growths), and then the growths started to shrink.

Daniel's mother continued to administer the remedy to him (given from a wet solution), and over the next two months the growths continued to shrink smaller and smaller until they disappeared entirely.  Previous to the homeopathic treatment, the growths had just continued to multiply over a period of 11 months.

As is typical when the correct homeopathic remedy is chosen, Daniel's other symptoms were also affected by the remedy: he became more easy going, less demanding, less afraid to be alone, with a better appetite and deeper sleep. Nonetheless, with emotional or mental improvements people may rationalize that the improvement was just a coincidence. In Daniel’s case the obvious physical improvement of a long-standing issue left no question that homeopathic treatment was the source of the cure.

These photos show very well how homeopathy can work wonderfully and gently.  With conventional approaches to skin problems (such as eczema), each symptom is treated individually.  When the skin problems disappear through the use of cortisone and other topical applications, it is thought that a "cure" has taken place, when in reality the underlying disturbance is still in place.  The skin no longer manifests the symptom, but often a more serious, deeper-rooted problem takes it's place.  For instance, when eczema is suppressed, respiratory problems such as asthma often follow.

Through homeopathy, the true underlying cause of the symptoms is addressed, and all of the symptoms are taken into account to find the one remedy that matches ALL of the symptoms.  In the end, the skin symptoms are healed, but also the mental, emotional, and physical  symptoms are all improved. With homeopathy, not just one symptom is eradicated; rather the overall level of health is increased, and the person is left more balanced.

*This is a true story, but I have changed the names to protect privacy.

**I am not a physician or licensed healthcare practitioner (as there is no licensure available for homeopaths in the state of New Mexico). The information I provide is intended to educate, and should not be construed as a prescription.  Please do not try to self-treat chronic conditions through homeopathy; while homeopathic self-treatment of acute conditions can work well,  the treatment of chronic conditions requires the skills of a classically-trained homeopath.

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