My Husband's Health Struggles

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Although my kids and I are thriving with the help of homeopathy and a nutrient-dense diet, my husband has been struggling. His health was progressing well for several years, but something went wrong in 2018. We're not sure whether his worsening health was related to some financial or familial stresses, but looking back it is clear that something shifted for the worse around the beginning of 2018. And then, in late 2018, things suddenly got much worse.

My husband's health has always been more complicated than anyone else in our family, with a wide range of chronic problems including stomach issues, recurrent sinus infections, back and knee problems, allergies, eczema, vein problems, and insomnia. For several years, we were making good headway in all of these problems with constitutional (chronic) homeopathic treatment. However, in 2018, the intensity of these problems ramped up.

Things got dramatically worse in November 2018. My husband's skin went crazy, itching and burning and feeling like he was being bitten by a thousand ants. It looked liked a cross between eczema and psoriasis, and it was especially bad at night, such that sleep was impossible. He was literally driven to despair by the itching and pain; I watched night after night as he suffered, trying ineffectually to comfort him. By the end of December, almost every single night was filled with distress and struggle. My husband was bed-ridden and suffering much of the time, we were both sleep-deprived, and I was breaking down emotionally under the strain of trying to hold it all together.

We Say "No" To Steroids

The conventional medical approach to treating eczema would be to force it into submission by suppressing it with steroids, such as cortisone cream. However, we know from past experience that my husband reacts poorly to steroid creams. He's been down that path before, leading to an overall worsening of his health because the use of cortisone cream was actually the root cause of his chronic stomach problems.

Homeopaths have long seen the connection between the suppression of skin eruptions (such as eczema) and the worsening of more vital bodily systems. Suppression of skin eruptions doesn't actually heal anything; it just drives the skin problems deeper and often results in worse problems in the respiratory, digestive, mental health, and/or cardiovascular systems. So we are purposely not using steroids or other pharmaceuticals to suppress my husband's skin problems.

We Develop a Comprehensive Plan

After hitting rock bottom in December and early January, my husband and I finally came up with a comprehensive plan to try to identify what will help him heal. Our overall plan includes using homeopathic remedies, identifying food sensitivities, reducing environmental toxins, increasing his nutrition, and implementing stress reduction.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are a cornerstone of my husband's healing plan. They work naturally, with no side effects, and help the body to heal the underlying imbalance that leads to the symptoms.

We've found two homeopathic remedies thus far that help significantly with my husband's eczema/psoriasis symptoms: Pulsatilla in alternation with Kali Sulphuricum, one extra-diluted dose every 3 days. These remedies were selected specifically to match his own individual skin symptoms, including burning, itching, and peeling, with worsening from heat, bathing, bending over, and at night in bed. (There are many other homeopathic remedies for eczema and psoriasis; these ones work well for my husband because they were selected specifically to match his own individual symptoms.)

Identifying Food Sensitivities

Although my family had very mixed results with the GAPS Diet years ago, we are temporarily using the GAPS Intro Diet protocol to identify food triggers that worsen my husband's condition.

The GAPS Diet protocol is based around healthy fats (such as ghee, coconut oil, and tallow), meats, fruits, veggies, broth, and fermented foods; it allows no grains, starches, or sweeteners (except small amounts of honey).

We are specifically using the GAPS Intro Diet protocol, which starts with a quite restricted list of foods, and then adds in foods one-at-a-time. This is allowing my husband to see which foods lead to negative reactions. Thus far, we have identified pork as a food that greatly exacerbates his condition.

Reducing Environmental Toxins

We already keep a fairly *clean* home environment, with no toxic cleaners, no non-stick cookware, no synthetic fragrances, our wireless internet turned off most of the time, etc. However, we identified three areas that we could assess further: laundry detergents, skin lotions, and electromagnetic field exposure.

Laundry detergent: Although we've used a *natural* detergent (Seventh Gen Free and Clear) for many years, we know that in the past other laundry detergents have worsened my husband's skin issues. So we tested out several other *natural* laundry detergents (and were also shocked to find that many of these include an ingredient known to cause bad skin reactions). In the end, we settled on using Dr. Bronner's Baby Castile Soap as our laundry detergent because it has the most natural ingredient list of any detergents. We follow the Dr. Bronner's laundry