Homeopathic Wet Dosing for Acute Illnesses and Injuries

Homeopathic remedies are quite effective at treating acute illnesses and injuries of all kinds, including colds-and-flus, bumps-and-bruises, sprained joints, bug bites, and burns. Homeopathic remedies also work great for treating acute "emotional injuries" as well, such as grief, disappointment, anticipatory anxiety, and fright.

Most people, and even many homeopaths, use only dry doses of homeopathic remedies. Dry doses are simple and easy, but wet doses are even more effective at prompting swift and effective healing. Whenever more than a dose or two is needed in treating an acute ailment, I switch to wet dosing to achieve even better results.

Wet Dosing Was Lost for Almost a Century

Wet dosing methods were developed by the founder of homeopathy himself, Samuel Hahnemann, who lived from 1755-1843. Most people who use homeopathic remedies do not know about these methods, and it has been estimated that 90% of homeopaths do not know about them!

Hahnemann was a medical doctor who gave up his practice because of the side effects and continually degenerating long-term health of his patients. Hahnemann's medical experience showed that using strong doses of medicine was not the way to heal the sick. After many intervening years spent as a chemist and translator of medical texts, while in his 40's Hahnemann discovered the use of the very, very small doses which are a cornerstone of homeopathy's success. Over the last half of his long life, he developed and refined the entire system of homeopathic medicine.

Hahnemann developed wet dosing techniques in the last decade of his life, but unfortunately his final manuscript had not been printed by the time of his death at age 88. This manuscript was then lost in an attic for nearly 100 years. During that time, the homeopathic community became entrenched with using dry doses as laid out in Hahnemann's earlier works and has generally been stuck in that same groove ever since. Fortunately, I learned about wet dosing early on in my homeopathic education, so now I can share that knowledge with you.

Why Try Wet Dosing?

As a homeopathic practitioner, I've treated hundreds of acute illnesses and injuries over the last 7 years. In this time, I've seen how much more effective wet dosing can be than dry dosing alone. The following are some of the advantages of wet dosing:

  • It speeds up the overall healing process.

  • Tt allows the size of the dose to be individualized.

  • The potency is able to be increased with each successive dose.

  • It makes homeopathic aggravation (temporary worsening of symptoms before improvement sets in) less likely to occur.

  • It uses fewer remedy pellets, making each tube of remedy pellets last for much longer (remedies never truly expire as long as they are stored properly).

How to Do Homeopathic Wet Dosing

For treating acute illnesses and injuries of all kinds, I typically use the following wet dosing protocol. If you're not very familiar with homeopathic dosing, see my article on the Basics of Homeopathic Dosing for more information about frequency of doses, remedy handling, etc.