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Apple Snap Granola (grain-free : gluten-free)

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

This grain-free granola is a real hit in our house.  Pecans have such a wonderful flavor and make the granola nice and crispy.  I've tried making it with almonds, and it was not nearly as good (but maybe I'm biased as pecans are definitely my favorite nut). And, pecans are a local crop here in southern New Mexico.

This granola makes a great breakfast cereal or a great snack at any time.  For a twist, try it with plain whole-milk yogurt and sliced banana. You could also eat it without dehydrating it.  My daughter loves to eat it that way as a soft and simple breakfast on days that I'm making granola. I like to make a double batch to really fill up my Nesco dehydrator.

Apple Snap Granola

Makes ~8 cups granola

  • 4 heaping cups pecans, soaked in water with a little salt for 12-24 hours* and then rinsed and drained

  • 2 cups organic unsweetened applesauce

  • 1/4 cup local raw honey

  • 1/2 tsp Celtic sea salt

  1. Chop the nuts in a food processor until fairly small and uniform.

  2. Stir together nuts and other ingredients.

  3. Spread onto dehydrator sheets (I use the fruit roll sheets for my Nesco dehydrator), and dehydrate for 18-24 hours. I use the max temperature of 155 degrees F on my Nesco dehydrator.) You could also bake it in the oven instead, but I like using the dehydrator as it is impossible to burn the granola that way.

  4. To check whether the granola is done, break off a small piece and allow to cool completely before eating.  When it is nicely crunchy, it's done! Allow to cool, break into pieces, and then store in the fridge.

*Soaking the nuts neutralizes phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. Phytic acid blocks mineral absorption of calcium and magnesium (among others); enzyme inhibitors make nuts hard to digest.

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