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30 Human Body Books

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

2022 UPDATE: A few more books were added to this list for older kids based on our most recent exploration of the human body.

My children and I did a few-months-long unit on the human body last school year. We generally focused on one body part/system per week. With lots of read-aloud picture books, this was a relatively simple way for my kids to learn about the human body.

A Relatively Simple Project to Accompany the Books

One project we enjoyed alongside the books was a life-size paper model of the human body. We used this printable of a child skeleton and added an extra layer of paper on the back so that the skeleton could have some flip-open parts (such as the skull, rib-cage, etc). We added in each organ/body system as we went along learning about the human body. This was a great way to add a hands-on visual to aid my children in understanding how the body all fits together.

30 Books About the Human Body

These were our favorite human body books. I have included age codes to make it clear for which ages each book will be best suited. The age codes are: C = Children 4-9; Y = Youth 9-12; YA = Young Adults 13-15.

Whole Body


  • Bones by Steve Jenkins (C, Y, YA)

  • Body Bones by Shelley Rotner and David White (C, Y)


Brain and Senses

Blood and Circulatory System

Respiratory System

Digestive and Excretory Systems

Reproductive System

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