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Explore the middle ages with your children!  Knights, castles, samurais, vikings, Shakespeare, and more! This book list makes it easy to learn about the cultures and civilizations of the middle ages, including countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas.


Rather than focusing on memorization of names and dates, this book list seeks to give a small sense of the culture and people of the middle ages. It incorporates biographies as well as stories and folk tales, and it even includes recommendations for you (the parent and/or educator) to read as well.


This booklist is filled with over 150 book recommendations, organized by age-level for elementary age, middle-school, high school, and adults. This list is made to easily correspond to chapters in Story of the World, but could also be used as a stand-alone list of books for the Middle Ages.


This book list is a fantastic resource for homeschoolers, parents who want to supplement their child's education in an engaging and fun way, and educators who want to take their lessons on middle ages history beyond memorization of dates and names.

Middle Ages Book List

  • This file is in PDF FORMAT.


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