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All Around the USA is a read-aloud-based unit study that is designed to make learning about the United States fun and engaging for children and parents/educators alike. Rather than focusing on memorization of states and capitals, this unit study seeks to give a small sense of the culture in each region of the USA.

It incorporates the following for each region:

  • geography
  • history
  • Native American studies
  • science
  • stories and folk tales
  • chapter books, including book suggestions for the parents/educators themselves
  • media to accompany the read-alouds
  • pictures of landscapes and famous sites
  • food and recipe suggestions

Who Is It For?

This unit study is perfect for: 
  • homeschoolers of all ages
  • parents/mentors who want to supplement their child's education in an engaging and fun way 
  • educators who want to take their lessons on US geography beyond memorization of state names and capitals


Read-Alouds, Not Worksheets

This unit study is intended to be an enjoyable, shared experience between parents/educators and children. To that end, this unit study does not contain worksheets which are often used as busy work, and which many children would come to dread. Instead, this unit study focuses on books to be read-aloud to the children. There are over 250 book recommendations in this unit study.

With read-alouds, children can be easily introduced to new ideas, cultures, and places. Through read-alouds, children can be immersed in loving households, in the triumph of overcoming struggles and challenges, and in the wondrous fantasy of fairy realms. Read-alouds also spark some of the most important discussions, leading to the foundation of good character, integrity, responsibility, and kindness in the children.


A Semester or Longer

This unit study can last for a whole semester, taking about 2 weeks per region of the United States.  It could easily be spread out over a year at a more relaxed pace by spending about one month per region. Alternatively, this unit study can be used more casually without following a specific schedule.

All Around the USA - Read-Aloud-Based Unit Study

  • This ebook is in PDF format. 

    70 pages.

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