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Explore the ancient world with your children!  This year-long unit study makes it easy to learn about the cultures and civilizations of the ancient world, including Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, China, Africa, and more!


Rather than focusing on memorization of names and dates, this unit study seeks to give a small sense of the culture and people of the ancient world. It incorporates the following for each region:

•    stories and folk tales
•    chapter books, including book suggestions for the parents/educators themselves
•    connections to math, science, and art
•    audio book and video suggestions
•    pictures of art and famous sites
•    food and recipe suggestions 


Filled with over 200 book recommendations and 25 global recipes, this unit study is a fantastic resource for homeschoolers, parents who want to supplement their child's education in an engaging and fun way, and educators who want to take their lessons on ancient history beyond memorization of dates and names.


This unit study includes book recommendations for children ages 4-9, youths ages 9-12, young adults ages 13-17, and for the parents/educators themselves. 


NOTE: This listing is for the PDF version of this unit study. If you'd prefer to have a version formatted specifically for e-readers, it is available for purchase at Amazon here. If you buy the e-reader version from Amazon, e-mail me your proof of purchase if you'd like a free copy of the PDF version.

All Around the Ancient World Unit Study and Cookbook

  • This file in in PDF FORMAT.

    135 pages


    NOTE: If you'd prefer to use a version that has been formatted specifically for E-READERS, it is available on Amazon here.

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